Clinical Supervision (Reflective)


Clinical supervision (reflective) refers to regular, protected time for facilitated reflection on clinical practice.


It provides a valuable opportunity to assist health professionals to maintain their overall well-being as they continually strive to meet the day-to-day demands of working in the healthcare setting. 

The TELL Centre introduced a series of Clinical Supervision (Reflective) workshops in 2017 to support clinical supervisors to plan, implement and evaluate regular, protected time with supervisees for facilitated reflection on clinical practice.

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The Clinical Supervision (Reflective) Package includes:

  • Fundamentals: focus on assisting supervisors to prepare for their role and discusses traditional and relational models and identifies appropriate documentation.

  • A Coach Approach: provides a framework for supervisor-supervisee dialogue using coaching methodology and mindfulness in supervision.

  • Crucial Conversations: identifies strategies for fostering open communication and building confidence to deal with potential conflict.

For more information on introducing the Clinical Supervision (Reflective) package into your workplace contact us.