Facilitator Training Program

The TELL Centre provides opportunities to train facilitators within your organisation to deliver the Teaching on the Run program. As a facilitator, you are supported by:

  • Professional administration of your courses, including enrolments, bookings, tracking, evaluation and access to the learning management system.

  • Regularly updated delivery plans and teaching materials for facilitators.

  • A Community of Practice that supports sharing of a variety of educational resources.

  • Regular skill development webinars.


The TELL Centre provides accredited facilitators with efficient online administration of workshops, including enrolment, evaluation, e-learning material and up-to-date resources for the workshops.

The 2-Day FTP

The program is designed to prepare facilitators, who following training will provide a high level of quality and consistency in the delivery of Teaching on the Run workshops in their own setting.


FTP participants should be individuals who have sufficient interest, experience, confidence and capacity to implement the TOTR program following the training.


  1. Explore TELL Centre and the TOTR program

  2. Develop your facilitation skills

  3. Build your confidence to facilitate the TOTR program

  4. Attain Provisional TOTR accreditation status

NEWSFLASH: As a consequence of Covid-19 we have now made the Facilitator Training Program available by distance education. For more information please contact us.