Learning on the Run

The Learning on the Run (LOTR) program is designed to equip learners with knowledge and skills to help them take control of their learning. It involves a series of workshops that should assist more junior staff such as interns and new graduates to quickly adapt within their workplace so they can optimse their learning in the clinical setting.


LOTR is available in both face-to-face and distance education formats and includes online activities before/after each session).

Learning on the Run Workshops:

  • Finding your Feet: explores professional identity, barriers and opportunities to learning, learning styles and how to become an effective learner.

  • Learning the Basics: focuses on getting connected to the culture and climate of the organisation, just-in-time vs just-in-case learning, time management and identifying reliable sources of information. 

  • ​​Observing and Leading Yourself: identifies common challenges when starting a new job and how to overcome them, strengths-based leadership, building Emotional Intelligence and self-care.

  • ​Working Smart: explores building resilience, teamwork, seeking feedback, finding work-life balance and early career planning. 


For more information on how to access Learning on the Run contact us.

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