Teaching on the Run

Teaching on the Run (TOTR) started in 2000/01 and remains a popular and versatile professional development program.  It includes a suite of workshops for improving the skills of health professionals involved in clinical teaching, supervision and assessment.

The programs are delivered in a blended learning format (online preparation ¾-1 hour and a 1.5-2-hour face-to-face workshop).

All workshops are suitable for uni-professional and multi-disciplinary groups across a range of settings (ie public, private and community) and for participants with varying levels of experience. We also offer distance education options for participants in rural and remote locations.

Facilitator Training Program

The 2-day Facilitator Training Program (FTP) covers the core concepts of facilitation and familiarises participants with the eight foundation TOTR workshops.

At the end of the FTP participants become accredited facilitators who can deliver the program in their own workplace, with support from our online system and resources. This approach ensures the maintenance of quality and consistency in delivery.

Community of Practice

Our workshop participants often tell us how much they’ve enjoyed discussing teaching and learning issues with their peers.

To support this, we provide an online community where health professionals can share resources that support clinical teaching, supervision and assessment activities.