Teaching on the Run

The Teaching on the Run (TOTR) program started in 2000/01 and is a staff development package that includes a number of foundation workshops designed to enable participants to apply sound teaching and learning principles in their workplace environment.

TOTR remains a popular and versatile professional development program delivered in a blended learning format (online preparation  – ¾ -1 hour  and a 1-2 hour workshop) or via distance education. Trained facilitators have access to our workshop resources so can be flexible in identifying and meeting the needs of their audience.

Foundation Workshops:

  • Clinical Supervision: identifies important attributes of clinical supervisors and seeks to help them plan and implement appropriate clinical supervision for learners.

  • Planning Learning: focuses on creating a learning plan that supports achievement of specific outcomes for learners on clinical placement/attachment.

  • ​​Clinical Teaching: provides a framework for planning and delivery of workplace-based teaching activities.

  • ​Skills Teaching: examines the four-step approach to teaching skills and provides participants with the opportunity to practice using it.

  • ​Fundamentals of Assessment: explores formative and summative assessment and discusses building competence and capability.

  • ​Supporting Learners: clarifies learner, supervision and system issues and provides a framework to address problems.

  • ​Effective Group Teaching: emphasizes the importance of using active learning strategies when teaching small and large groups.

  • Improving Communication Skills: focuses on responding to emotional cues and breaking bad news.

  • Facilitating Interprofessional Learning: explores both formal and informal opportunities to support IPL in the workplace.


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