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Engage with award-winning programs

Licensed Facilitator-Led Teaching on the Run Sessions

These sessions are set up and run by local facilitators within an organisation.

Fast-Focused-Free Tips Sessions

We provide 'free' 30-min zoom sessions led by our Master Facilitator-Dr Margaret Potter.

Learning on the Run Program

An ideal program for new graduates and early career health professionals.

Coaching on the Run Program

This program introduces a coaching framework for supervision and mentoring.

What our learners say about us

“Learning how to provide students with support, especially those having difficulty gave me more confidence.” 
NZ Participant, 2017
“I developed self-awareness of my own learning needs in relation to teaching and
supervising and I liked the peer discussions and opportunities provided to practice teaching.”
NSW Participant, 2018

Frequently asked questions

What is unique about your programs?

We offer award-winning programs that enable you to develop your knowledge, skills, confidence and capability.

What is the Teaching on the Run program?

It is our cornerstone award-winning program that currently includes a suite of nine workshops, which are delivered by accredited facilitators to those within their organisations.

What courses can I access?

You may be able to access facilitator-led Teaching on the Run workshops through your organisation. If not, you can access those courses right here, along with any of our other programs.

Can I become a facilitator of your programs?

Yes you can. We provide both face-to-face and distance education training for individuals who can then roll out our Teaching on the Run program, a suite of nine workshops within their own organisation. 

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