Learning on the Run (DE) S2: Becoming Successful

This is the second of four workshops designed to help participants excel in the workplace.


Delivery date

11th Jul

Duration: 1.5 hours




What you are going to learn
This session will focus on helping you to learn and thrive within your organisation.
Next Steps
Complete the online module(s) & quiz(zes).
Attend your scheduled session(s).
Log back in and complete ALL requirements.
Download your Certificate of Completion.
Throughout this course you will:
  • Discuss organisational culture
  • Explore the art of feedback
  • Discuss different learning strategies
  • Identify credible sources of information

Dr Margaret Potter

Benefits of our training programs

  • Active engagement
  • Handouts
  • Assessment
  • Certificate

Practical approach

Our training will provide you with practical skills to implement immediately. Your success is our best asset in showing the quality of our programs.

A useful network

Learn with, from and about others, including sharing strategies that will be beneficial across cultures and countries.