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Sir Charles Gairdner & Osborne Park Group:
Clinical Supervision, Effective Group Teaching, Skills Teaching and Planning Learning (F2F)

This course focuses on the development of skills to support those involved in student clinical supervision; focuses on developing skills for successfully teaching small and large groups; explores the 4-step approach to skills teaching and developing competence; and focuses on planning effective placements for learners.

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Delivery date

23rd Nov

Duration: 8.0 Hours


No Lunch Provided


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Q Block (Rooms 1 & 2)

What you are going to learn
This course can assist you to:
1. become more organised, confident and competent as a supervisor of learners in the clinical setting.
2. create and deliver teaching sessions that promote learner engagement and enjoyment.
3. be more effective in teaching both soft and hard skills.
4. make a plan to optimise your own learning, or it can be used to guide you on getting organised to provide quality placements for learners.
Next steps
  1. Complete the online module(s) & quiz(zes).
  2. Attend your scheduled session(s).
  3. Log back in and complete ALL requirements.
  4. Download your Certificate of Completion.
Throughout this course you will:
  • Self-assess your supervisor skills.
  • Discuss key functions and core skills.
  • Establish an appropriate supervisor-supervisee relationship.
  • Discuss documentation to support the Clinical Supervision process.
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of small and large group teaching
  • Explore active learning strategies
  • Implement a framework for teaching
  • Practice presenting and evaluating teaching
  • Define the cognitive elements of a skill.
  • Explore stages in acquiring skills.
  • Practice the 4-step approach with feedback.
  • Explore competence and performance.
  • Develop a learning plan
  • Discuss elements of the learning plan
  • Explore challenges with implementation
  • Identify benefits of lesson planning
  • Recognise the importance of getting to know the learner.

Facilitators: Various

Benefits of our training programs

  • Active engagement
  • Handouts
  • Assessment
  • Certificate

Practical approach

Our training will provide you with practical skills to implement immediately. Your success is our best asset in showing the quality of our programs.

A useful network

Learn with, from and about others, including sharing strategies that will be beneficial across cultures and countries.

Course reviews

The course provided specific tools for us to use in our clinical setting and all advice was really relevant and easy to incorporate into our work.
Perth, WA
Reviewing different models of supervision and having interactive discussions with attendees regarding what skills a supervisor needs.
Melbourne, VIC